What questions would you like me to talk about?

Next month, on 3rd-5th July (exact time and date tbc), I’ve been accepted to speak at the Tableau Conference in London. I’ve decided to theme my talk along with this blog, so my idea is to talk for about 10 minutes on each of 4-5 questions, with a few minutes left over at the end for … guess what … questions.

So instead of writing about questions, you’ll be able to hear me talk about questions. I might even attempt to answer some of them!

I’ve set up a Google form here, but feel free to suggest your own questions or get in touch with me any other way you prefer

Google form

So what would I like to talk about? I’d say anything, but am looking for quite a range, from simple to wide-ranging discussion, from beginner level to intermediate (I don’t consider myself any more advanced than that). Every one of my questions is a title from a previous post. I’ve left out the more specific and technical (and those, for example, that were retrospective), but have still come up with twenty to choose from. Or, please do choose your own.

The top five or so questions (and related discussion/debate/responses) when I review the responses in a couple of weeks will form the basis of my talk, so do please get your requests in. Though I do reserve the right to alter slightly in the interests of balance or content, for example if two or three topics are broadly similar, this presentation is up to you!

To whet your appetite – here are the posts I’ve included on the form:


Please come and join me and introduce yourself on the day – in the meantime do get voting!

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