How important is interaction in visualisations? (aka Where’s Big Sam?)

Last week, I saw this visualisation tweeted by Gregor Aisch of a visualisation he produced for the New York Times. I really like the look of this – striking, simple but quite unique-looking. The visualisation aimed to show that Angela Merkel’s latest election victory cemented her status as the longest-serving EU leader and compare her […]

Should data visualisations always tell a story?

I feel a bit of a fraud asking this question. It’s been asked, debated, blogged and further debated many times before. You can get opinions on the subject from people with much more experience in data visualisation than me. For example: Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, Alberto Cairo, Jon Schwabish, Georgia Lupi,┬áChad Skelton, Sophie Sparkes, Robert Kosara […]

Is it OK to steal?

So, is it OK to steal? Of course not. In the data visualisation context, that would be passing someone else’s work off as your own. Anyone would agree that would be the wrong thing to do. But that would make a very short and uninteresting post. At the very least, I’m shooting for quite long […]